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You can now visit this page to access my recipes as well as tips and lessons learned from years of experiences as a food lover, traveler and eager learner. I’ve spent a big part of my life being inspired and curious. The many paths I’ve taken and seasons of life that I’ve walked through (sometimes sure-footed, other times stumbling) have provided many successes, and of course mistakes, but so much has been learned by just being open to trying. Take a peak inside my life in beautiful Prince Edward County as well my travels abroad through my journal series Shaking Out the Tablecloth. Meet my amazing friends and teachers; the people that inspire, support and challenge me . I’ll share stories about travel, health, career, my many curiosity’s and of course food! Join in on the meals I’ve shared, inspiring ingredients, recipes and techniques and the many joys of sharing food with others.


Please take a look around and tell me what you think. The site is being completely revamped and will grow each day. Follow me on social media or consider joining my email list to receive recipes, ticket and sign up details for culinary events and workshops as well as ideas and helpful tips for small town living, travel and small business ownership. To sweeten things a bit more, there will often be special offers and giveaways included in my emails. Freebies to Enid Grace Cafe as well as coordinated offerings with many of the other incredible businesses and entrepreneurs that I’m proud to know and work with.

DON’T WORRY! There is still a page here dedicated specifically to Enid Grace Cafe; my bustling petite cafe in the heart of Wellington, PEC. You can access all the details on The Cafe page including hours of operations, menu, etc.

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