Wednesday - Monday the Cafe is open from 7am to 3pm.

The kitchen menu closes at 1:45 pm or Sell Out; Whichever Comes First

Tuesday the Cafe is Closed Completely


The Terrace is Open Seasonally

Our Cafe is Petite    

We are unable to accommodate groups larger than 4 and we DO NOT ACCEPT RESERVATIONS.

We offer counter service on a first come first serve basis.

Italian Cafe Model   

This cafe is based on the rural cafes of Italy, whereby fresh food is prepared daily with the intent to sell out prior to siesta. This model eliminates food waste, keeps costs low and promotes efficiency in our back of house. Many early hours are spent carefully prepping food for the day and we aim to finish the day with all food sold to happy and satisfied customers. Please be advised that although the cafe remains open until 3 pm for coffee and counter service, the kitchen closes for menu service at 2pm or sell out, whichever comes first.




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