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I love food. My busy world is cemented quite happily with the many joys that food provides my life. I love talking about food (perhaps too much) and reveling in its flavours (bluntly, seeking it out and eating alot of it). I'm a cook, pastry chef, writer and small business owner. Feeding myself and others is my happiness. However its more than just sustenance. The goal is to extend my passion further; share what I’ve learned and what I love most about food and encourage others to take in all the moments that often happen around food. How it makes us feel, our memories around food, how it fuels our overall health and how it brings people and life together creating conversation and inspiring joy. I have had the great fortune to learn recipes and techniques from many wonderful people as well as piles upon piles of splatter-stained, dog-eared books since childhood. My love of food started very young as did an interest in travel. My first trips to Europe opened a floodgate of curiosity about food that has never been contained and has me travelling back often. Learning recipes and technique alone isn’t enough though. A totally immersive experience surrounding food is what I seek. For me, in order to understand ingredients and recipes I have to go a step or sometimes many steps further; the things learned and realized beyond the obvious, preconceived or assumed. I research endlessly, study old cookbooks, travel and luckily stumble upon those much wiser than me. This is how I understand food culture and food history, and why I appreciate both so much. It is what pushes me to be better in the kitchen. It is the recipes and ingredients, memories of taste and time and of course those that love it all as much as I do that instill confidence and joy within me. I am genuinely curious and eager to always learn more and share with others.

Two questions I often get asked are “what do you eat at home”? and “do you cook the same way at home as you do at the cafe”? The truth is I do for the most part. I believe that eating at home should somewhat emulate the experience of eating out. By that I mean recognizing that cooking for yourself is important for self care. Much like a a good restaurant does for its clients, you should select good ingredients and take a little time and care in preparing a meal and serving yourself. I’m not suggesting that you spend alot of time artfully plating your food our scouring the produce section for the prettiest tomato, but recognize that you deserve to eat well at home and sit down by yourself or with a table full of loved ones to a meal of beautiful homemade food. Full transparency though, there is always the odd overwhelming day where I come home exhausted and creatively spent. On these days I can easily fall prey to a quick PB & J or a whole cucumber ( I don’t even bother cutting it) and hummus. It may not be creative, balanced or beautiful but I know that I cant do it all everyday and that’s okay!

I want to share my own knowledge and experience but perhaps more importantly share what the many wonderful people, mostly women, have taught me. You’ll meet many of them on the pages of this site. They have taught me their recipes and methods, how to garden and grow, preserve and appreciate everything! They quietly trusted me with their tips and ideas and things passed down from generations that seem so important and relevant today. Most importantly they taught me why food is a foundation and that eating simply, being confident in the kitchen and sharing abundantly is what matters most. Everything I do in my kitchen, and in life often, is a reflection of these incredible teachers. Its not a secret that in my own way I’m trying to replicate them; their fortitude, humility, love, authenticity, knowledge, grace and joy. I hope in sharing everything with you you’ll feel a little more confident about food and hopefully experience a little lift in your everyday.

A bit much? A little overkill about my love of food? Okay, I get it so lets speed round the rest.

I love to travel, Italy has my heart and my mind most of the time. However, my small town country life in Prince Edward County is pretty great. I grew up here and much to my surprise moved back and started a business! Its a supportive and vibrant community that wraps me in warmth.

I own a small cafe that is a selfish reflection of my many days spent in small rural cafes in Italy and France.

I take pictures; amateurishly at best.

I love the water and am very lucky to live in a community surrounded by beaches!

I read… ALOT and collect a mildly obsessive amount of books. Anyone with me on this?! I refuse to get rid of any of them!

I love animals, all animals, but seriously how great are horses?

You’ll typically find me… working, ALOT. It can be exhausting and exhilarating in equal proportion but I get to meet great people, work out ideas, try new things, fail and make mistakes and try again.

I love spending time with my friends; a pretty insanely talented and generous group of women (and some pretty wonderful men) that have made this stage of life so encouraging and fun. You’ll meet many of them within these pages as well!

I can’t help myself… Back to food. Just for a quick second, I promise!

This site is about sharing all ideas about food and many different types of recipes. I don’t believe in diets or restrictions (unless your body is demanding it or your unique health requires it). My approach is this, I want to be healthy because I put my body through alot. I need it to be completely in step with the thousand things my brain and heart want to do. I no longer focus on what is wobbly or a little plumper than a few years ago. Maintaining the same size jeans I wore when I was 25 is not what I consider most when creating recipes or shopping for food. I eat balanced and with enthusiasm. I remind myself that as long as the ingredients are the best I can get and I create a meal that is simple, beautiful and satisfying, all is okay! Eating healthy and well shouldn’t have a long list of limitations nor should it leave you feeling guilty, ashamed or deprived. My daily meals often consist of loads of delicious vegetables and healthy fats, but also pasta from time to time, bagels and butter, quality raised meat and eggs and if I’m so inclined a pastry. Cheese? Absolutely! But the best cheese I can get my hands on, no plastic wrapped singles. Again, what matters is that the ingredients are incredible, preparation is simple, you care about what you’re feeding yourself and others. Eating is so much more that just filling up to keep up.

I am so happy to have this space to share it all with you! I hope we can inspire eachother and of course eat incredible food and feel good about it!

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