I love food.

I'm not a Foodie, Not a Food Forecaster, not a Food Scientist. Gourmand, Bon Vivant, Gastronome; these terms also don't quite fit. Food nerd or epicurean wanderer perhaps best describe my unique passion; but both just serve as a succinct way to describe a woman emphatically inspired by food. I could talk about food for hours; often do, much to the vexation and sometimes rancor of those within earshot.  Food is my central happiness. I have spent years studying food from various angles; both sensory and academic. I grew up in Prince Edward County; and returned home a few years ago. I have traveled a lot over the years and continue to do so; all with the purpose of studying food, community, history and how all three intertwine.

I'm a cook and a pastry chef. However feeding people is not enough; I want to provide an atmosphere that encourages more than just sustenance.  The directive of this cafe is to extend what I have learned about food, what I love about food and encourage the moments that happen around food. I have had the great fortune to learn recipes and technique from many wonderful people and piles of withered, dog eared books since my childhood interest in food first took shape. However, it has been the Grandmas and Grandpas, mothers and aunts in France, Spain and Italy that have taught me most. Everything I do in my kitchen is a reflection of these incredible teachers. I'm just trying to replicate them; their fortitude, humility, love, authenticity, knowledge, skill, fervor, grace and joy.

I love my community and value the opportunity to offer my experience and, at times, absurd love of food in everything I serve to them. Enid Grace Cafe came to life because of my community and I hope they feel at home here.

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Learning recipes and technique has never been quite enough. A totally immersive experience surrounding food is what I seek. For me, in order to understand ingredients and recipes I have to go a step or sometimes many steps further; the things learned and realized beyond the obvious, preconceived or assumed... I research endlessly; studying old cookbooks, traveling and finding (or stumbling upon) those much wiser than me. This is how I understand food culture and food history, and why I appreciate both so much. It is what pushes me to be better in the kitchen. It is the foods, the ingredients and acts around food that shape a community and protect culinary history. These discoveries are pure joy; it is what keeps me genuinely curious and eager to learn more...